Steel Dragon 2000

Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land is the longest roller coaster in the world at 8,133 ft long, nearly 700 ft longer than the 2nd longest. This coaster is also one of the only four Giga coasters with a height of 318 ft. With that height it’s able to reach a speed of 95 mph. All these stats are very impressive and I’ve wanted to ride this coaster since it opened in 2000.

This was the final Giga coaster for me to ride, and although not as good as the other 4 it’s still excellent!

First, I have to say that this coaster is massive! It seriously towers over everything in the park – Like a giant beautiful ride-able skyscraper!


The ride itself was pretty great, everything was enhanced by the very comfortable B&M trains. The first outward stretch had two hills with only had floater air, but I could really feel the 90+mph! The next turn-around section contained a series of fairly intense helices. This section felt like it was so geographically far from where the station sits. The longest coaster in the world certainly feels like it!

The best part of the coaster was from the MCBR to the end – The complete return run. This consisted of a series of small airtime hills with no less than 7 spots of airtime – All of which were strong floater. Similar to the last few hills on Nitro, but nearly three times longer – It was awesome and went on forever!

The duration and laugh-your-ass-off ending solidified Steel Dragon 2000 as a fantastic coaster.

My rating: 8.5/10