Twisted Colossus

Twisted Colossus opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2015. It was built using the old structure of Colossus by Rocky Mountain Construction. The new steel rails created are able to perform elements not capable of the old wooden track, namely the two inversions. The original Colossus consisted of two racing tracks, although the park rarely operated both sides together. Twisted Colossus was designed to reintroduce the racing aspect without demanding two sets of operators – After riders leave the station, they cycle both sides before returning. Due to multiple-train operation, riders will first race the previous train on their first lap and then race the following train on their second lap. This design leads to an extended ride time – You essentially ride the coaster twice!

Twisted Colossus was my first coaster from the up-and-coming RMC, and this being my local park, I was excited. I was selected to be a part of a film shoot for the ride and was able to ride the coaster before it opened to the public.


Overall, Twisted Colossus exceeded my expectations. It excels in something that California has historically been in need of – AIRTIME!

I counted 21 moments of airtime on the ride – I spent more time out of my seat than in it.


This picture, taken during the shoot, of me in the second row of the blue train perfectly encapsulates everything amazing about Twisted Colossus and RMC in general — Crazy airtime!


A unique aspect of the ride that makes it so special is the ability to duel itself. Riders get to interact with another train and experience near-miss elements. The best dueling moment on Twisted Colossus is the Top Gun Stall; The green track has a Zero-G Stall while the blue has a straight airtime hill. The riders from one train can look straight up (or straight down, depending on what side) and see the riders in the opposite train – It’s quite a unique sensation.


But my favorite moment overall must be the sequence on the blue track with three straight ejector airtime hills in a row – It’s quite serene.